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Learn how to replicate an Aim Icon

Learn how to create the Aim icon, in this easily explained tutorial.

Making the aim icon:

Open up a new document and make it 500/ 500 or whatever size you want.

Select the pen tool and draw a rough figure of the aim icon.

Here is what you should have for his back leg.

Now you just continue to his other leg and his arms.  Remember that is a rough example of what he should look like. We will clean it up later.

Here is another leg and part of the arm.

When you are finish with the rough example it should look like the image at the bottom.

Now we will add anchor points to the pen tool so we can edit the figure.

Just click where you want to place an anchor point and one will be included on the figure.  Place them as indicated by the picture below.  Use the magnification tool   to get a better picture of the icon.

Now just pull the anchor points in the leg arms and back to make it look like the aim icon.

In the following picture I pulled the anchor point on his back leg down so it has a slight curve. Use the picture as a reference.

I continue with this step until I have the desired shape that I want.

Here is how his back should look.

Now I will fix his other leg and arm.

Now we right click and “make selection”.

Now we go to select and select the inverse.

The headless aim icon should look like this.

Now select the paint bucket tool  and place #f6b235 as the color.

The icon should look like the image below when you place the color into the selection.

Now ctrl&click on the layer thumbnail to select the image.

This will select the image on the workspace.

Now go to edit and place a black stroke around the figure.

Place a black stroke around the figure. Use the image at the bottom for the setting of the stroke.

Now we have to give the icon a head.

Make a new layer and select the ellipse tool. 

Pick #f6b235 as your color and draw out an ellipse by holding shift. Holding shift while drawing out an ellipse will make it a prefect circle.

Now we move the head over and add a black stroke to it so it matches the body.

When you move the head over and add the stroke the image

should look similar to the following image.

Merge all the layers by holding shift and clicking of the thumbnails and pressing ctrl&E.

Press ctrl&J to duplicate the aim icon layer.

Move the original icon back a little so they look like this on the workspace.

Now go to filter and blur and a Gaussian blur.

The result should look similar to the picture at the bottom.

Now we reduce the layer opacity to lighten the icon in the background.

Now we just shrink both of the images with the free transform tool  to get the final result.

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