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Face off Effect

Create this effect using photoshop, the effect creates an illusion of two individual faces merged into one image.

Create a new document using the setting above. Import the two images below into photoshop. The images should be on individual layers.

As shown below, the images are imported into Photoshop on individual layers and the female image is about the males.

The idea is to enlarge the images, matching the facial features close as possible. Hide the layer “Image2” and select image1 layer.

Select the Perspective Chop tool

Right click on the image and select Free Transform

Ensure the Width and Height are locked. Change the width to 12% and press Enter to commit the changes.

The desired result below. This setting with change depending on the images used and dimension of the workarea.

Reduce the Opacity of the layer “image1” to 28%. Unhide the “image2” layer

Creating the visual effect illustrated below.

Similar as previously done, right click on the image using the Perspective Chop tool. Select Free Transform. e Width and Height are locked. Change the width to 18% and press Enter to commit the changes.

Using the Move tool, alien the images. Aline the eyes of both images together.

Commit to the changes, click on “image1” layer and increase the opacity to 100%.

Create a new layer with a white background and place it between image1 and image2 layers. Name the layer white Background.

With the image1 layer selected,

create a mask on the layer.

Change the foreground to black

Select the brush tool, using the default brush below. Increase the size to 291 px

Brush the layer to revele the white layer below.

Create a mask on the white background layer, change the foreground to black and using the same brush create the effect below.

Using the same brush increase the size and brush the image to reveal the picture.


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