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Create an Abstract Tutorial using shapes and brushes.

Abstract Tutorial :
Learn how to create an Abstract wallpaper for your gallery.

Main Image

Part one:
Open up a new photoshop document and make the size 900 by 900. Then click on view and select view actual pixel from the drop-down menu.

Click on the gradient tool  and create the gradient below.  I used #081d48 on the left and #075f9d on the right.

I then drag out the gradient on the work space with the light color on top. With that create a new layer.

Now select the brush tool and pick soft air brush as your settings.

With that brush selected, change the setting to the Brush Presets shown below. To get that option, click on the brush and on the upper task bar you will see this icon  click on it and you will see the settings below.

Shape Dynamics Settings
Scattering Settings

Using the bush settings described, and on the new layer create the glowing orbs shown below.

Duplicate this layer, so you will have two layers with the orbs. Now using the free transform tool   to switch the orbs in the other direction. This can be done by adding a (-) sign to the width of the orbs.

Move the orbs to the other side of the work space (right side).  Make sure that the orbs have a symmetrical look to it. It should look like a rough example of wings when you are finish.

Merge the two layers with the orbs together (you can press ctrl&E to do this.)

Now duplicate the layers with the orbs again and click on the original layer with the orbs. Move to filter > blur then Gaussian blur. Apply a blur of about 3.9.

Merge the two layers with the orb once again. Now duplicate this for the last time (ctrl &J).  Click on the original (should be the bottom layer of the orbs)  and select the smudge tool . Use a soft brush with a size of 40 and strength of 25.

And smudge the upper left and upper right of the orbs. This will give them a pointed look. Use the picture as a reference.

Create a new layer, now using this brush Click Brushes to download it. Add it to your workspace. Duplicate the layer and place both of them in a place where you like.

I placed them in the middle of the orbs to make them look like light particles.  You can try the same thing if you want, feel free to do what you want though.  Click on the original abstract brush you placed on the canvas and use the blur tool again to make it a little smoother.  You just drag it over the abstract to remove any pixilated sections.  You should use a soft brush to do this, use 19 as the amount of strength.

 Merge the two abstract brush layers together. Now use the erase tool  erase_tool to remove any edges you don’t want.

Use the settings shown in the picture as a reference.

Erase this

Now go to layers and pick new layer adjustments from the drop down menu and finally select color balance.  Select violet as your color. You will see mid tones, shadows, and highlights. Just apply the respective setting to each. Use the picture at the bottom as a reference.

Main Image

After you finish this blend (merge) all the layers together, that includes the background and the abstract.
Duplicate this layer  and set the top layer to hard Light for the final step.

That is it. You are finished.

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