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Upload a database to the web after creating it using Dreamweaver.

In this tutorial you will teach you how to upload a database to the web after creating it using Dreamweaver.


This is a continuation of the Gallery tutorial, and it can also be used with any tutorial that requires you to upload a database live to the web from Dreamweaver. The database name is usually written out with a capital letter, lower case letter, number, and underscore. example: myDBname_12

Log into your web account, look for something that says Manage MySQL. Here you can create the database. It is unnecessary, but it is simpler to create the database name on the web first and then do the same locally. Make sure you add a username and password.

The reason I suggest this is because sometimes the database name will not be accepted online. Now, the database name was created.

Step1:Setup database

Open Dreamweaver, Files tab and look for the Connection folder.

In the connection folder you will find a .php file. Open this file in code view and you will see the php codes below.

$hostname_trickd = “localhost”;
$database_trickd = “trickd”;
$username_trickd = “username”;
$password_trickd = “mypassword”;

First you have to upload the Connection and _mmServerScripts folder into the root of your web site. This is the same position as the index file.You will need to edit the .php file located in the connection folder. If you are using a FTP program to upload content to your site you can edit the uploaded file live from the FTP program.

If not, edit it from dreamweaver. Ask your hosting company for the Server Name for your MySQL database. Once you get that replace localhost with the Server Name, and enter the username and password.

Log into your web account click on Manage MySQL. Click on the database name you created earlier and click Access phpMyAdmin. When you do that you will see the window with the tabs above.

Click on SQL, here is where we can add the tables and any data you created locally. Go, back to EMS and we will extract the database.

Source Database
script Options
script Options
script Options

Click Finish.

This will take you to the script window, look for the code below

CREATE TABLE `main_tb` (
`id` int(11) NOT NULL auto_increment,
`title` varchar(100) default NULL,
`image` varchar(200) default NULL,
`thumbnail` varchar(200) default NULL,
`description` varchar(999) default NULL,
`imageURL` varchar(300) default NULL,
UNIQUE KEY `id` (`id`)

Copy from Create Table, to the bottom just above the comment line.

Copy and Paste this into the SQL window and click OK. This will add the fields and any data you have in the database.

Finished, Need help or have questions feel free to contact us.

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